List of all international versions of Avaz apps

Avaz app is available in English as Avaz AAC (subscription version) and Avaz AAC Lifetime (one-time purchase), in all the countries. 

However, Avaz app has also been translated and localized for a few more languages, as given below. 

The vocabulary in the Picture mode has been localized to include culturally relevant words, that are specific to that country / culture. These include vocabulary related to food, festivals, currencies, clothes etc. 

These language specific apps are available in limited regions, based on the countries where the language is present. 

iOS apps (App Store links)

Avaz AAC - (earlier Avaz Lite) (English - international version)

        Avaz AAC on App Store

Avaz AAC Lifetime (earlier Avaz Pro)

        Avaz AAC Lifetime on App Store

Avaz India (supports 6 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada)

Avaz India (Pro) on App Store

Avaz Australia (localized version)

    Avaz Australia (Lite) on App Store

    Click here to view Avaz Australia page

Avaz Dansk (Danish)

    Avaz Dansk  (Lite) from App Store

    Avaz Dansk Pro on App Store

    Click here to view Avaz Dansk page 

Avaz Français (French)

    Avaz Français Lite on App Store

    Avaz Français Pro on App Store

Click here to view Avaz Français website

Avaz Svenska (Swedish)

    Avaz Svenska (Pro) on App Store

Avaz Sri Lanka

    Avaz Sri Lanka on App Store

Avaz Faroese

    Avaz Faroese on App Store

Android Apps (Play Store links)

Avaz app for Communication (subscription version)

(Select from Languages - English, Indian, Australian)

Avaz App for Communication - on Google Play 

Avaz India

    Avaz India on Google Play Store

Avaz Vietnamese

   Avaz Vietnamese