Avaz app is available in English as Avaz AAC (subscription version) and Avaz AAC Lifetime (one-time purchase), in all the countries. 

Avaz app has also been translated and localized for a few more languages, as given below: 

- English (Australian)

- Danish

- Faroese

- French 

- Hungarian

- Indian (supports 6 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada)

- Sri Lankan

- Swedish 

- Vietnamese

For the above languages, the vocabulary in the Picture mode has been localized to include culturally relevant words, that are specific to that country / culture. These include vocabulary related to food, festivals, currencies, clothes etc. 

How to access the language vocabulary?

For Avaz Version 6.6 and above

These language specific vocabularies apps are available within the main Avaz AAC app and can be accessed from anywhere, based on the selection of language / country during the initial set up or at any time from Avaz Settings. 

Previously, the app was available as. individual apps in each of the above languages. 

iOS apps (App Store )

Avaz AAC - (Subscription version - English - international version)

        Avaz AAC on App Store

Avaz AAC Lifetime 

        Avaz AAC Lifetime on App Store


    Click here to view Avaz Australia page

Avaz Dansk (Danish)

    Click here to view Avaz Dansk page 

Avaz Français (French)

Click here to view Avaz Français website

Avaz Svenska (Swedish)

Avaz Sri Lanka

Avaz Faroese

Avaz Hungarian

Android Apps (Play Store links)

Avaz app for Communication (subscription version)

(Select from Languages - English, Indian, Australian)

Avaz App for Communication - on Google Play 

Avaz India

    Avaz India on Google Play Store

Avaz Vietnamese

Support for Spanish and Italian

We have a workaround for including Spanish and Italian vocabularies in your app, as they were originally available as independent apps but later on withdrawn from the app store. Though it is not the same as having the app in these languages, this is the best that we can offer to support these languages. 

How to use Spanish vocabulary in Avaz?

How to use Italian vocabulary in Avaz?

Other language support

There are several more languages that are partially supported. You can set up the Edit item keyboard and Voice settings to a different language. 

What are the languages supported by Avaz app (voice and text in picture mode)?

Voice recording in any language

If your language is not supported by any of these listed above, you can still use pictures and record your own voice for it, in any language, and help your child to communicate. Click here to know How to record my voice?

For Avaz versions less than 6.6

The app was available independently in the above languages in the App store. They are no longer supported by Avaz. If you are currently using the app in a previous version, it will still continue to run but you will no longer get any app updates and any technical support if you face any issues with the app. 

Please click here to upgrade and port the app to the latest combined app - Click to migrate your app