Easy to use interface, short learning curve, available Indian languages, easily customisable by anyone  - Sreetama Chowdhury, Speech and Language Pathologist
Because of the ease of use. Avaz can be a game changer for many kids who are not able to communicate their needs properly and their families. Also, it has many language and region specific options to choose from. Also, the settings are easy to do.  - Alina Francis Lobo, Speech and Language Pathologist 

"And before I finished I just wanted to say a word about Avaz Together, one of the new apps on the list. Avaz Together is a new app from the people who brought us Avaz. It’s a really new concept in AAC apps that I hadn’t seen before. Avaz Together is aimed at skilling up the team around the AAC user to become better communication partners. Tutorials explain the importance of concepts such as aided language stimulation and then encourage the support team to practice implementing it. Regular reminders and activities are encouraged and appear within the app. It’s a really great way to skill up a team surrounding an AAC user, providing more opportunities for the user themselves to become more successful."
-Jane Farrall, Australia -

"Thanks loads for your customer care service. This is another reason amongst many for us to recommend AVAZ."
- Rita-Charmaine, Malta,

"I have 2 boys - both with autism. Alexander is almost 7 yrs old and is more impacted (more sensory issues, gross motor and fine motor delay). Anderson is almost 4.5 years old. Both boys have speech delays. Alex is speaking more in 3-5 word phrases and Andy is starting to say more and more words.I decided to purchase Avaz earlier this year (I think) b/c I wanted Alex to be able to tell me what he was thinking or feeling if he couldn't say it. We discovered that Alex taught himself how to read a few years ago. Alex's speech therapist, Cara, recently said that getting the Avaz app was the best thing I ever did for Alex. It is easier for Alex to speak when he can read the words. He is also teaching himself words (so is Andy). I haven't concentrated as much on it with Andy but I think he learned the word "burger" from Avaz! hahaha!I will send you videos of Cara using it with the boys so you can see her technique. Alex's ABA therapists use it more as a visual prompt - without the sound. I think Cara even said she likes it more than Proloquo.These days Alex has become very good at typing out words and he likes typing things out. I always wonder what Alex is thinking b/c he doesn't always initiate speech. Once with Cara he said something and she couldn't understand what he was saying so she told Alex to type it out. He started typing, "an", then you could tell he was thinking. He wasn't sure how to spell it - so then he typed out "zoo" b/c he knew the associated buttons would come out and he would see animal. Then he typed out "animal cr", and then Cara knew! Animal crackers! Cara and Zoila (babysitter) were raving about what a smart thing he did and Alex was beaming. So cute.Last week Alex and Cara were looking at some surfing pictures (I took the boys to a surf day with therasurf). Cara had asked Alex, "Who did you go surfing with?". Alex typed out - "I went surfing with Jim". Cara later asked me who Jim was. I was surprised since the surfing was 2 weeks ago and I didn't know if he would remember - but Jim was the surfer that took Alex out on his surf board :)There is so much he knows and I hope one day the Avaz will help Alex with testing.Yesterday Alex was at home and when I walked by I saw that he had typed "interestingly". I think he likes looking at all the words and then he remembers them and types it in.In terms of improvement - Cara would like to see a feature that would allow her to better organize buttons on the page - allowing for blank spaces in rows and spacing options between buttons. She is going to look at it again during his session tomorrow to see if there's anything else. I didn't know for a long time that I could record my own voice which fixes the problem of different pronunciations. Another thing that I have Alex do is learn his classmates or teammates names by putting them in Avaz."
-Judy Cheng, USA 

"As an ACTU team we meet a lot of parents with children who have different needs so we do recommendations for apps which both parents and students can handle . Everyone is different.We find that sometimes parents who were never exposed to technology, tend to be afraid of the apps and although some try with our assistance, still do not manage to run the app properly. They might find editing hard or else they do not find pages within the app, etc.With AVAZ it's different. Usually after an hour training from our side both parents and students manage editing, etc. A particular parent whom we helped to install AVAZ Pro amazed us in saving in Dropbox and export to another iPad. We were so happy for her. She had another app before AVAZ Pro. She couldn't manage to edit properly and every change we made was so hard for her .With AVAZ everything is so simple. To change from one level to another it's just a click of a button and parents or professionals do not need to do much. Just input few settings and there you go! A new stage with minimum effort. We are so happy with this app as it's so user friendly."
Rita-Charmaine, Malta, 

"Hi I am a SLP based in Hong Kong serving kids with moderate to severe ASD. I found this app is awesome with lots of functional and remarkable features!"
-L E, SLP, Hong Kong

"Still familiarising myself with avaz. But one thing I know for sure its brilliant."
-Griva Shah, SLP, Pear Special School, Ahmedabad, India

"I started using in my clinic in the month of June '14 as I had told u after the vacation in May.I have been using with children        
1. a child from kara who has been with me since last dec'13 and been intro to Avaz in kara in mar'14 and I have started with him in jun '14. He is doing good.       
2. Another one has got it recently within few weeks after my recommendation. Have been using it.        
3. Two others, also developmentally delayed  from kara again has been introduced to Avaz in my clinic, parents are yet to get it.        
4. One more profound hearing loss child studying at a Montessori also have been introduced to Avaz in my clinic and parents are convinced to buy and may get it soon.                
And some more suggestions. But otherwise the product is too good, my extreme appreciation to the entire Avaz team. Will continue to work with Avaz and give u feedback."     
-Vidhya Madalai, SLP, Bangalore, India )

"Avaz is just wonderful, we are using more the french version. And Benjamin use it everyday. When is calling me with his phone, he communicate what he want to say with Avaz. When he go to a restaurant he ask with Avaz what he wants. Continue you works it is great !!!All the best to all of you and thanks for our children who need your help."
-R M, France

"My daughter is a 11 yr old child with Down Syndrome, PDD and is nonverbal. We have always had to deal with the frustrations of her not being able to communicate her needs/wants. As frustrating as it was for us as parents, it was ten times more frustrating for her. We were reluctant to purchase the app because she had an Augmentative communication device when she was younger and neither she nor I found it to be "user friendly". I did a lot of research on both Avaz and Proloque and found tons of positive reviews on both. I did come across many people who said that Avaz was just as good as the costly Proloque and since I had reservations I went with the least expensive. This ultimately has been a decision that is worth it's "weight in gold". My daughter has nearly mastered the navigation, so much so that one day she brought it to me to show me she wanted Taco Bell for lunch. This made me cry. My child had a voice for the first time. Thank you for being the one to give my daughter that "voice". "
-Amy Kinderman

"Feliz 2019 para toda a equipa Avaz e um abraço para a Lalitha." which translates to "Happy 2019 for the whole Avaz team and a hug for Lalitha."
- Filomena, a Portugese user on 4 Jan 2019