User nameTypeName of school / orgStateDate receivedTestimonial
Mrs. Madhavi KamatSpecial educator Sanjay Special schoolGoaAug 2019"Have started using avaz regularly with 3 of the kids I handle. 2 are on the autism spectrum and one is a CP child with i. d. I have started with choosing desired object and they are showing interest in using the app. One of the kids with autism is very enthusiastic and asks for the tab as soon as he comes for the session. He loves scrolling and tapping different pictures and exploring.  I have also clicked photos and made separate categories for each child as then the items they are interested in can be put together in one category which I have labeled with the child's name."
motherKeralaAug 2019My son Ryan, started using Avaz app from last January (2018) onwards. He has Apraxia. He used to speak less than 5 words before that. Now he stared using 30-50 words. With Avaz, he is confident in talking words. I have customised words in Avaz to teach him functionsof objects, which he found it easy rather than other methods. Nw he says one or two sentences (3 word sentences). He is good at navigation in Avaz, which helps him to choose the words he wanted to say (with proper external direction). Thanks Avaz team.