We've recently come across a Voice (audio) issue in Avaz India in Samsung devices related to incorrect / weird pronunciations or not being able to select English (Indian accented) voice. This error seems to occur specifically in Samsung devices, after updating the app to ver 4.2 or 4.3.

In the recent update, we have transitioned to Google voices, and Samsung devices are automatically setting up Samsung Voices as default, instead of Google voices. So, if you are also facing a similar issue, please follow the steps below to change the voices to Google Voices to resolve the issue.

Steps for changing the Voice

1. Tap Avaz Settings > Voices.

2. Select Language = English (India). You will see a range of more than 15 Voices to try out.

3. Try out the different voices and select the one that's the most suitable for your child. 

4. You can also vary the Pitch option to make the voice softer or more gruff, as the case may be. 

5. If you are unable to see an option for setting up English (India) as the Language, then follow the steps below - Steps to set up Google Voices for Samsung devices

Note: Please follow these steps only if you are facing issues with the pronunciation and are unable to set up English (India) as preferred Language in Voice settings.  

1. Tap Avaz Settings > Voices. 

2. Tap on Change Voice Provider, it will navigate to TTS Settings.

3. Select Google Text-To-Speech Engine from Preferred TTS Engine.

4. If desired language is not present there in Language, go to Install voice data, by tapping on Settings Icon near Google TTS Engine.

5. Select the desired language and click install Icon.

6. After the language gets installed, go back to Language in Google text-to-speech engine.

7. There you can find the installed language.

8. Select the language by selecting the respective radio button.

9. Now Re-open Avaz App and select your newly downloaded language and enjoy using Avaz!

Please try the above steps and let me know if you're able to change the voices appropriately.