Avaz offers Auto-backup from Avaz ver 6.6.5. This is available for iOS and Android.  This feature automatically backs up your data to the Cloud, as set up by you in the settings. 

What does the backup include? 

The backup is a mirror image of the current vocabulary of the app in its current state. This includes: 

  • the entire picture vocabulary (including custom images added)
  • the audio recording (if any)
  • all the settings that have been set up in the app.
  • the sentences saved in Favourites folder
  • the history of recently spoken sentences
The backup is stored in the device, by default.

If in Avaz settings, the backup is linked to Cloud, then in addition to the device, the backup gets replicated on the Cloud.

Note: In the earlier versions of Avaz the backups were required to be taken manually. Click here to know more - How do I take a backup of Avaz (manually)?

How to set up auto-backup

Once the Auto-backup is set up in Avaz, the app automatically secures your content and takes backups at regular intervals of time, without any intervention from your end. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore
  2. Select "Manage Auto Backups". You will see screen as shown below. 

  3. Choose the desired backup interval - From the Select auto backup interval select either 7 days or 15 days, depending on your preference. Once you have made your selection, your auto-backup will be set up and will occur automatically during the selected interval. 

  4. It's important to note that you should secure your backups by toggling on the "Securely save your backups to the cloud" option to ensure that the backup is not stored only on the device but also on the Cloud - so that it's available safely elsewhere, in case there are any issues on the device - like breakage or loss of the device or reformatting etc. 

  5. This feature provides you with three cloud options to choose from: Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. 

  6. Select your preferred Cloud option and your auto-backups will be saved securely in the selected Cloud option. 

Note: The auto-backup feature in Android provides only 2 cloud options - Dropbox and Google Drive.


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