In order to delete backups from your Avaz app, you need to delete it through iTunes, by connecting your iPad to your computer, through a cable.

Important note: If you have linked Avaz to Dropbox earlier, then you need to delete the backup from two locations simultaneously (from the device and from Dropbox), else the backups would sync back to your device when you connect to Dropbox and would reappear in the list of backups. 

1. How to delete the backup in the app (device) through iTunes

  1. Plug in your iPad to your computer.
  2. If iTunes does not start up automatically, select iTunes to open it. 
  3. Select iPad icon in iTunes. 
  4. Click Apps in the list on the left, then scroll down to the 'File Sharing' section.
  5. Select Avaz app from the list of apps displayed under 'Apps'. On the right panel it displays the list of files present in the app under Avaz documents. 
  6. Select the backup files that you want to delete from the documents list and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  7. Click Delete when iTunes asks you to confirm. 
  8. The backup files are now deleted only from the device. 
  9. NOTE : If you have linked to Dropbox in the past, you need to delete the backups from Dropbox too simultaneously. Else, when you connect to Dropbox the next time, the files from Dropbox will sync back to your iPad. See below how to delete the files from Dropbox.

You can also access / delete Avaz Books from the iPad. 


2. How to delete Avaz backups from Dropbox

  1. Open the Dropbox site ( from your computer, through a browser and sign in to the same Dropbox account that you had linked to from Avaz app. 
  2. Navigate to Apps > Avaz folder and select the files that you want to delete. The backup files have a .avz or .avt extension. The row of the selected file is shaded light blue. 
  3. You can select multiple files by holding the Shift key down while clicking the up and down arrow keys.
  4. Click the Delete button to delete the selected files. 
  5. Confirm the deletion in the confirmation window by clicking Delete. 
  6. The selected files are deleted from Dropbox (in the Cloud).
  7. If you have deleted a file by mistake, you can undo the delete, by tapping the Undo button on the top center of the screen, which is visible for a few seconds immediately after the deletion. 

Once the backups are deleted from both the device and Dropbox, they will not reappear when you link back to Dropbox.